In this Erasmus+ KA2 project, we propose the collaborative development of a framework for assessment, with a main focus on formative assessment, in the context of citizenship education across Europe. ALiCE will focus on screening the diversity of how citizenship education is integrated into local curricula, which learning goals are put forward, and how assessment practices are and can be used to facilitate learning in citizenship education. Innovative practices for (formative assessment in) citizenship education are being developed across Europe. A next step in this domain is therefore to unlock academic knowledge about formative assessment in the context of citizenship education, to connect these to practical knowledge of assessment practices and strengthen the capacity across Europe through collaboration.


a) a general concept

We focus for this project on producing four interconnected intellectual outputs:

  • a framework that takes a comparative perspective on (assessment in) citizenship education across member states in Europe;
  • an inventory of innovative educational practices in citizenship education with a focus on the operationalization of assessment;
  • a repository of methods for formative assessment that we adapt for usage within citizenship education and prime towards local contextualization;
  • a roadmap to support school teams with implementing formative assessment in citizenship education.

b) an outstanding partnership

ALiCE consist of an outstanding international partnership with several competences present. The 9 partner organizations form a consortium with schools in their region or their country. About 50 schools across Europe will participate in the project. They will receive training tailored to their needs by each country partner and they will participate in two international training sessions (Sicily, Palermo and Czech Republic). To learn more about the partner organizations, click here.